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"I don't use Google anymore, I just ask April!"

"As professionals, often we get caught up in doing so many things that we sometimes lose our focus. Being able to rely on April to help navigate the ever-changing business world has made all the difference. April knows social media, marketing and business. Sometimes you don't know what you don't know. That's why you need April."

Lisa F
Strategist. College Educator. Speaker

"If you want a creative approach and endless enthusiasm, April's your gal. She is always energizing, positive, and certain that YOUR goals are not only attainable but inevitable if you put the right focus and effort into achieving them. If you're not sure you can do it, April will show you why--and how--you can."

Debbie S
Organizer of people, info, projects, events. Author of "The Organized Musician

"April is a great Social Media Trainer! She does all the hard work researching everything and hands it to us on a platter. We can choose from all the amazing tools she sets before us! April is willing to help us succeed and I am grateful for all she does!"

Maria L
Small Business Owner, Social Media School Student

"April has given me hope that I will understand this "stuff" & put it into action!"

Charlotte L
Winery Tasting Room Manager

"How has April and Social Media School helped me? I can not list all the ways! I will stick to taking on my new work role, as Marketing Director for a local Insurance company with little to no footprint. April has sat down with me, both within the social media school and one-on-one, and has given me the tools and encouragement to tackle this roll. She has given me step-by-step instructions on the how-to's of social media, but has also given me some real brain food to think outside the box and look at the un-normal ways to market. Every time we have met or talked she has left me with not only the answers to my questions but also the thoughts and questions for the next step!"

Callie K
Marketing Director

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Event Speaker

Known for her "grab your gadget!" presentations, marketing professionals have come to rely on April for her humorous & down to earth perspective to social media topics!

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Team Training

Affordable & Realistic are just a few of the phrases marketing teams use while working with April!


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